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  • 品牌:   KINGWELD
  • 型号:   KWAD801
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        Powered Air Purifying Solar Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

This product is a kind of powered air purifying solar auto-darkening welding helmet that can proof dust and gas.
Filtrating precision 0.3μm, filtrating efficiency 99.97%.

【Filter model: WH511】

Light state: DIN4
Dark state: DIN9-13
Switching time: <1/25,000S at Room Temperature
Cartridge Size: 110 x 90 x 8 mm (4-1/3” x 3-5/9” x 1/3”)
Viewing area: 92 x 42 mm (3-3/5” x 1-7/11”)
Sensitivity: Stepless Adjustment
Delay time: Stepless Adjustment 0.15S ~0.80S
Shade Adjustment: Outside & Stepless
Sensors: 2
TIG Capability: Improved
Battery: Li-Mn & Solar Combination
(Min. Lifetime: 5, 000 Welding Hours)
UV & IR protection: Up to shade 16
Optical class: 1/2/1/1
Certification: CE EN379
Warranty (years): 2
Weight: 1.2KG
Material of helmet: NYLON
Available color: Blue/ black/ silver/ red